Custom Strip Brushes

JHX specializes in providing custom strip brush services that cater to your unique requirements. Our versatile strip brushes are designed with high-quality materials and are perfect for various applications. With a wide range of sizes, shapes, and filament materials, we’re confident we can create the ideal custom brush for your specific needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to understanding your requirements and crafting the finest custom strip brushes on the market. Choose JHX for exceptional performance and longevity in your industrial applications.

Strip Brush Specifications

When selecting strip brushes, it is essential to consider specific parameters, such as brush diameter, brush part length, and overall length. These parameters can vary based on the application and the brush’s intended use. The following ranges provide a general guideline for these parameters:

Overall Brush LengthOverall brush length refers to the total length of the brush, including the base, filaments, and any mounting hardware.50mm-5000mm
Overall Trim LengthThe overall trim refers to the total length of the brush filaments, including any part of the filament embedded within the brush base.10mm-500mm
Fill MaterialThe fill material used in a strip brush determines its performance and suitability for various applications.Nylon, pp, Brass, Metal, Horse Hair, Aluminum oxide, Silicon carbide
Fill DiameterThe fill diameter refers to the thickness of the individual filaments used in a strip brush.0.05 mm(For fine and delicate brushing applications) -3 mm (For cleaning and deburring tasks)
Metal Backing (Channel) MaterialThe metal backing, or channel, is the U-shaped structure that holds the filaments in place, providing support and rigidity to the brush. The channel size can vary depending on the application and the brush’s intended use.Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass
Metal Backing (Channel) Width The channel width refers to the horizontal measurement of the U-shaped metal channel.2.5 mm-12 mm
Metal Backing (Channel) HeightThe channel height refers to the vertical measurement of the U-shaped metal channel. This parameter can vary depending on the brush’s intended use and the required support for the filaments.3.2 mm-25 mm

Design Your Strip Brush

Metal Backing (Channel)

JHX provides custom strip brushes with tailored Metal Backing (Channel) options for diverse applications. The U-shaped channel ensures optimal filament support, rigidity, stability, flexibility, and durability. JHX’s customized Metal Backing (Channel) solutions enable each brush to meet specific requirements such as filament density, stiffness, and brush reach while maintaining effectiveness and longevity.

By offering custom Metal Backing (Channel) designs, JHX ensures high-performance and long-lasting strip brushes tailored to various industrial and commercial applications.

Standard U-shaped Channel: The most common channel shape, the standard U-shaped channel, provides support and stability to the filaments. This versatile shape is suitable for a wide range of applications, including sealing, surface cleaning, conveyor cleaning, and chip removal.

V-shaped Channel: The V-shaped channel tapers inward toward the base, allowing for more filament density and increased stiffness. This shape is ideal for applications requiring more aggressive brushing, such as deburring or heavy-duty cleaning.

Y-shaped Channel: The Y-shaped channel features two separate legs that branch out from the base, providing additional support for longer filaments. This shape is suitable for applications that require extended brush reach or more flexibility, such as surface finishing or gentle cleaning.

W-shaped Channel: The W-shaped channel has a double U-shape, providing extra rigidity and support for the filaments. This shape is ideal for applications that require increased stiffness and durability, such as heavy-duty scrubbing or aggressive surface cleaning.

We tailor these Metal Backings to suit our customers’ specific applications and needs. If you’re looking for a unique style of Metal Backing, don’t hesitate to get in touch and chat with us about it.

Strip Brush Fill Material

Brush filling material refers to the type of bristles or fibers used in a brush. These materials can be natural, like animal hair or vegetable fibers, or synthetic, like nylon or polypropylene. The choice of brush filling material depends on the specific application and desired properties, such as stiffness, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and chemical compatibility. Different brush filling materials offer various benefits and are suitable for a wide range of cleaning, scrubbing, or polishing tasks.

Nylon is a highly durable synthetic polymer and is resistant to most common chemicals. It has excellent bend recovery and is available in three grades: Type 6, Type 6.6, and Type 6.12. Nylon bristles are suited for cleaning and scrubbing applications due to their strong abrasion resistance properties. They are available in black or natural colors, and diameters range from .003″ to .050″.

This low-cost, high-performance synthetic filament is ideal for wet or dry applications. Polypropylene has excellent stiffness when wet, is inert to most solvents, oils, acids, and chemicals, and is fungus resistant. Filament diameters range from .006″ to .060″, with crimped and level filaments available.

A vegetable fiber obtained from the agava lechuguilla plant, Tampico is suitable for low abrasion scrubbing and washing applications due to its high absorbency rate. It can be used wet or dry and is heat, alkali, and acid resistant.

Soft, resilient, and long-lasting, horse hair is excellent for dusting, flux removal, and general cleanup. It is non-conductive and can be used dry for polishing, scratch-free cleaning, or sweeping in higher-temperature applications.

Also known as Chung King, hog bristle is the stiffest natural material available and provides the best possible cleaning. It is non-conductive and works well for dealing with sticky, crusty materials or viscous fluids.

This highly corrosion-resistant wire is used where contamination or rust is a problem. It is non-shedding and excellent for burnishing without removing the base material.

Offering high fatigue life and durable cutting action, high carbon steel is suitable for work on steel and iron workpieces, as well as wood, aluminum, brass, and copper. Common applications include weld cleaning, deburring, rust and oxide removal, surface preparation, and surface finishing.

We provide a wide range of brush-filling materials to accommodate most applications. Plus, we also directly supply the brush filling, and if needed, we can perform basic processing like cutting it to the desired size. This way, our customers can conveniently work with the brush filling as soon as they receive it.

Application & Environment


Strip brushes are utilized as effective sealing solutions for gaps in various equipment and structures. They can be customized to create airtight seals in industrial machinery, doorways, and windows to prevent the ingress of dust, air, light, or moisture, ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment and maintaining energy efficiency.

Common materials: Nylon, polypropylene, horsehair
Typical dimensions: Channel size – 3 to 8mm, brush part length – 10 to 50mm, overall length – 50 to 2000mm

Surface Cleaning

Strip brushes are used to clean surfaces in various industrial settings by effectively removing debris, dust, and contaminants. They can be configured with different bristle materials and densities to suit specific cleaning requirements, such as in food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and automotive assembly lines.

Common materials: Nylon, polypropylene, steel wire
Typical dimensions: Channel size – 4 to 10mm, brush part length – 20 to 100mm, overall length – 100 to 2000mm

Conveyor Cleaning

To maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of conveyor systems, strip brushes are employed to remove accumulated debris from conveyor belts and rollers. This prevents product contamination and minimizes wear and tear on conveyor components, ensuring a longer service life and reducing maintenance costs.

Common materials: Nylon, polypropylene, abrasive nylon
Typical dimensions: Channel size – 6 to 12mm, brush part length – 50 to 150mm, overall length – 200 to 3000mm

Chip Removal

In metalworking, woodworking, and other machining processes, strip brushes are used to clear away chips, swarf, and cutting fluids from work areas and machinery. This improves the working environment’s safety and cleanliness, reducing the risk of accidents and prolonging the life of equipment.

Common materials: Nylon, polypropylene, steel wire
Typical dimensions: Channel size – 5 to 10mm, brush part length – 20 to 80mm, overall length – 100 to 2000mm


Strip brushes are utilized in finishing processes to remove burrs, sharp edges, and other imperfections from machined parts. This improves the overall quality and appearance of the finished products and can be applied to a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

Common materials: Nylon, abrasive nylon, steel wire
Typical dimensions: Channel size – 4 to 8mm, brush part length – 15 to 60mm, overall length – 50 to 1500mm

Static Dissipation

Antistatic strip brushes are employed in electronic manufacturing and assembly environments to eliminate static charges. This prevents damage to sensitive electronic components, reduces the risk of fire or explosion in volatile atmospheres, and enhances worker safety.

Common materials: Conductive nylon, carbon fiber
Typical dimensions: Channel size – 3 to 6mm, brush part length – 10 to 40mm, overall length – 50 to 1000mm

Spreading Liquids and Powders

In various industrial processes, such as coating, gluing, or painting, strip brushes are used to apply and spread liquids or powders evenly onto surfaces. This ensures consistent coverage and optimal performance of the applied materials.

Common materials: Nylon, polypropylene, natural fibers (e.g., Tampico)
Typical dimensions: Channel size – 4 to 8mm, brush part length – 20 to 60mm, overall length – 100 to 1500mm


Strip brushes are used to polish and refine surfaces in applications such as metal finishing, glass processing, or wood finishing. They can be customized with different bristle materials and configurations to achieve the desired level of polish and surface refinement, ensuring a smooth and even finish.

Common materials: Horsehair, nylon, abrasive nylon
Typical dimensions: Channel size – 3 to 6mm, brush part length – 10 to 40mm, overall length – 50 to 1000mm

It is important to note that these specifications may vary depending on the specific requirements of each application, and custom configurations can be designed to meet unique needs.

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