Step into the realm of ultimate home comfort by tackling the nuisance of drafts with a transformative solution—the installation of a brush door draft excluder. Our comprehensive guide, titled “DIY Draft Protection: Installing a Brush Door Draught Excluder at Home,” is your gateway to a detailed exploration of this effective technique. Find out the intricacies, gain valuable insights, and receive expert advice to elevate your living space into a haven of coziness and energy efficiency. Bid farewell to discomfort and welcome a home that not only exudes warmth but also prioritizes sustainable and snug living. With our extensive guide, embark on a journey to make your abode the epitome of comfort and style.


What is the Brush Door Draught Excluder?

A brush door Draught excluder is a device designed to prevent drafts and cold air from entering a room through the gaps around a door. It typically consists of a strip or a series of flexible brushes attached to a metal or plastic carrier. A door’s sides or bottom can be closed off from the air by attaching this transporter, which stops airflow from going inside. The flexible brushes conform to the uneven surfaces and gaps, providing a barrier against drafts, dust, and even noise. The brush door draft excluder not only enhances the comfort of a living space by maintaining a consistent temperature but also contributes to energy efficiency by reducing heat loss. If you want the house to be more comfortable and sealed, it’s a wise and cheap choice.



Importance of the brush-door draft excluder

The special brush thingy on your door, called a brush door draft excluder, is like a superhero for your home! It stops cold air and drafts from sneaking inside, making your home comfy and just right. It’s not just about feeling cozy, though; this superhero also helps save energy by keeping the warm air inside and the cold air outside. That means you might save some money on your bills too! And guess what? It even helps make your home quieter, like a cozy little den. So, having a brush door draft excluder is like having a super cool sidekick for your house that makes it comfy, saves energy, and keeps everything nice and quiet. Isn’t really fantastic.

How to install a Brush Door Draught Excluder at Home


Materials Needed: To embark on this DIY project, gather the following materials: a brush door draft excluder kit, measuring tape, pencil, hacksaw or scissors (for trimming, if necessary), and a screwdriver. The kit typically includes screws for installation.



Measure the Door: Begin by measuring the width of the door where you intend to install the draft excluder. This initial step is crucial for determining the appropriate length of the excluder.

Trim if necessary: ​​If the draft excluder exceeds the measured width, use a hacksaw or scissors to trim it to the correct size. Ensure an even cut to maintain its effectiveness in blocking drafts.

Position the Excluder: Strategically place the brush side of the draft excluder on the interior side of the door. Decide whether it’s best suited for the bottom edge or the sides, depending on the specific type of draft excluder.

Mark Screw Positions: Employ a pencil to mark the positions for screws. Most draft excluders come with pre-drilled holes for this purpose.

Pre-Drill Holes (if required): In case the draft excluder lacks pre-drilled holes, use a screwdriver to pre-drill small holes where you marked the screw positions.

Attach the Excluder: Place the draft excluder back in position and securely fasten it by attaching the screws through the pre-drilled holes. The ideal instrument for this kind of work would be a screwdriver.

Check for a Proper Seal: Close the door and carefully inspect the draft excluder to ensure it forms a proper seal. It should snugly fit against the floor or the door frame, effectively preventing drafts.

Adjust if necessary: ​​If the draft excluder doesn’t fit perfectly or leaves gaps, be prepared to make the necessary adjustments. This might involve additional trimming or repositioning.

Test for Smooth Door Movement: Open and close the door several times to verify smooth movement without any obstruction from the draught excluder. If needed, make additional adjustments for optimal functionality.

Enjoy the Benefits: With the brush door draft excluder securely in place and performing its role effectively, revel in the benefits of a draft-free and comfortably insulated home.


By following these comprehensive steps, you can seamlessly install a brush door draft excluder, ensuring a snug, energy-efficient home environment.


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Can I install a draft excluder on any type of door?

Absolutely. Draught excluders are versatile and can be installed on various door types. Whether it’s wooden, metal, or PVC, there’s a suitable option for every door.

How long does the installation process take?

It requires less than an hour to finish setting up on average. However, it might vary based on your familiarity with DIY projects and the complexity of your door.

Will a draft excluder work for both heat and cold drafts?

Yes, brush door draft excluders are designed to be effective against both warm and cold drafts, providing year-round protection for your home.

Can I still open and close the door easily after installation?

Absolutely. A properly installed draft excluder allows for smooth door operation while efficiently blocking drafts.

Are there eco-friendly options available for draft excluders?

Yes, many manufacturers offer eco-friendly draft excluders made from sustainable materials. Check product specifications for environmentally conscious choices.

How often should I replace a brush door draft excluder?

Typically, these excluders have a long lifespan. However, regular checks are advisable, and replacement may be needed if wear and tear compromises their effectiveness.


In conclusion, the last thing to say is to bid farewell to chilly drafts and soaring energy bills with our guide on DIY Draft Protection: Installing a Brush Door Brush Door Draught Excluder  at Home. Transform your living space into a haven of comfort and efficiency with this simple yet impactful home improvement project.