Ring Brushes(Road Sweepers)

Ring brushes come in two styles, convolution and flattening. The flat wafers have a flat ring, usually stacked together, with a gasket in the middle. Convolutional wafers have wavy rings, and are aligned such that they have no spacers.

Brush change gives you more use time between replacement brooms and is ideal for handling hard road debris such as asphalt, gravel, grinding, clay and mud. Wcles are ideal for sweeper accessories and road construction brooms. They are easy to change and have multiple options.

Brooms made from wafers can be a holo-poly or combined poly/line mixture. When choosing a combined broom structure, you can alternate with a flat or convolved pattern of the polysilicon and wire wafers. You can also choose to mix a combined polysilicon/wire wafer with polysilicon and wire in each wafer. You can match wire and PBT material in different places can be replaced with wire PBT nylon material

Specifications – Spiral Wound Coil Brushes

PolypropyleneGoot Hailr
NylonTampico Fibre
Abrasive NylonUnion Fibre
PolyesterOil Tempered Wire
Horse HairSpring Wire
Pigs HairBrass Wire
  • Type: Turn the tube brush
  • Brush hair length: custom made
  • Function: Cleaning/polishing
  • Brand name: Wire inner coil spiral brush
  • Color: yellow and black and gray
  • Brush hair diameter: 0.1mm-0.8mm
  • Metal channel material: stainless steel
  • Characteristic: Internal spiral brush shape
  • Length: 100mm-3000mm

Not sure what exact measurements you need for your custom block brush? Or would you much rather order a brush through a live person over the phone? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Like ours, the current stock sample is free of charge, but the freight would be in your account.

We have a detailed picture displayed above. You also can send an email to request more clear information from our sales

Yes, we are a professional manufacturer & exporter in designing and manufacturing high-quality LSR/SSR silicone products over 23 years. the OEM order will be accepted

2D,3D drawing, and the specific requirement.

All are welcome just contact us at once.

Our MOQ would be around 10 PCS. It depends on the size of the product.

Design is free

For bulk orders we ship it by sea or by air, For small orders, we ship by DHL, FedEx, TNT, or UPS

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  • MOQ: 4;
  • Discount Per Size: 50 – 5%; 100-500 – 20%, >1000 – 25%

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