Twisted pair stainless steel deburring brush

The brushes will work with any cordless drill and most rotary tools. Stainless steel power deburring drill brush is used to remove burrs, polish and clean dirt and grease on steel and iron working surfaces, cnc product polishing cleaning (such as inner holes, cylinders, threaded holes or smooth holes and other rough surfaces).

According to different product usage scenarios, you will get different good results

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  • aerospace, agriculture,
  • Automotive, Defense, Energy, Manufacturing, Medical,
  • technology, and telecommunications
  • as standard filling material, special bristle material

Available upon request

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Bristle diameter: 0.08-0.5mm
  • Total length: 50-260mm
  • Brush diameter: 5-80mm
  • Tail: Round/Plastic Padding/Stainless Steel Handle
  • Twisted pair material: iron wire/stainless steel


Specifications – Twisted-In-Wire Brushes

Production scopeSize
Brush diameter3mm-100mm
Brush length3mm-500mm
Overall length5mm-1000mm
Twist diameter0.5mm-25mm
Wire size0.1mm-1.0mm
filling materialPA, PP, PE, Brass, Steel, horse hair, alumina, silicon carbide, wool
Frame materialStainless steel wire, iron wire


  • Valve and valve group
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • DD
  • Medical pipeline
  • spray system
  • spray nozzle
  • aerospace
  • fueling injection equipment

Twisted-In-Wire Brushes Usage Mode

The pipe swipe card in the appropriate stroke of the table drilling, vertical drilling or stuck in the lathe, horizontal research machine, can be processed. For the more bulky large workpiece processing, can be stuck in the wind drill, hand drill. The speed of the machining is within 50-100 rpm. Up and down movement speed is about 30 / minutes, generally up and down 8~10 times can be


Not sure what exact measurements you need for your custom block brush? Or would you much rather order a brush through a live person over the phone? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Like ours, the current stock sample is free of charge, but the freight would be in your account.

We have a detailed picture displayed above. You also can send an email to request more clear information from our sales

Yes, we are a professional manufacturer & exporter in designing and manufacturing high-quality LSR/SSR silicone products over 23 years. the OEM order will be accepted

2D,3D drawing, and the specific requirement.

All are welcome just contact us at once.

Our MOQ would be around 10 PCS. It depends on the size of the product.

Design is free

For bulk orders we ship it by sea or by air, For small orders, we ship by DHL, FedEx, TNT, or UPS

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  • MOQ: 10;
  • Discount Per Size: 100 – 5%; 500-1000 -10%, >1000 – 12%

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